Strawberry Guy Pollinates Our Mind With Surreally Chill Single “Mrs Magic”

It has some questionable magic

Photo: Emma Whittle

Rising artist Strawberry Guy takes us into the twilight axis of our own imagination and pollinates it with his surreal single “Mrs Magic.” Through the swelling buzz, we hear guitar strings that creep through as the drums progresses with gracefulness. In “Mrs Magic,” Strawberry Guy creates another level of concreteness to the ethereal landscape of dreampop and balances the dim tones of the genre with lush structures. Enjoy:

Alex Stephens is the mastermind behind Strawberry Guy, who is originally from South Wales, but decided to move to Liverpool to study music. He self-released his debut demo last year and accumulated more than 2 million YouTube streams – he was NOT expecting that. Since then, he has been working on releasing his debut mini-album, which is currently under works. He is set to play at Future Yard, so go holla at him:

8/23 – Future Yard 2019 (Birkenhead, UK)