Suns Up’s “Do What You Feel Like” Is Your New Carpe-Diem Mantra

Like YOLO meets yogi’s mantra

Photo: Courtesy of Top Button Digital

Through jaunty, laidback riffage and crispy drums, Suns Up delivers a warm beach pop titled “Do What You Feel Like” that makes you feel like you’re watching the sunset. The track embraces the notion of being fully in the present and making sure you adjust your life to meet your own happiness. It’s kinda similar to every mantra that any yoga instructor would give you, “do what feels good,” but with a more YOLO tweak:

The song advocates for “embracing the present” according to the band. “Don’t be scared to take risks and don’t be afraid to do something ‘just because it makes you feel good’. That’s essentially what keeps us going in music and we’re calling on people to do what makes them happy, and not just what pays the bills.”

The song was produced by Gethin Pearson (JAWS, Kele Okereke) and has been featured on BBC radio. The band has festivals coming up:

8/9 – Beyond The Woods 2019 (Lincoln, UK)

8/24 – Arundel 2019 (Arundel, UK)

9/1 – Notting Hills Arts Centre (London, UK)

10/19 – The Hope & Ruin (Brighton, UK)