Elena Flury’s “Say No” Is Neo-Soul For Hermit Lovers

Hermit romance

Photo: Courtesy of Sonnet Music

London-based artist Elena Flury has the warmest and foamiest vocals – it sparkles and softly travels through your ears like hot chocolate or Americano. Her latest single “Say No” is the type of song you need to kickstart your morning with – especially if you are a hermit who is falling for someone. Even though being alone is your natural state, there’s one human being that you don’t mind spending your time with – and “Say No” is the jazzy neo-soul track that articulates this complex emotion. Enjoy:

Speaking of the track, Elena explained, “It’s that phase where you’re used to not being with anyone and at the same time, already don’t want to be without the other person anymore.”

Elena has been steadily building her fanbase across the city through her live performances and singles. The gal is working on new material, which she’ll be sharing soon. Stay tuned.