Ryan Caraveo Gets Arrested With His Dog In The Desert In “Thrivin”

No animals were harmed or arrested

Photo: Anastasia Velicescu + Connor Jalbert

Seattle-based artist Ryan Caraveo drives his car like a free spirit in the middle of the desert with his dog in new video “Thrivin.” Of course, he gets arrested, but he goes on a cinematic chase and keeps his canine buddy safe while chanting the wittiest self-celebratory lyrics. It kinda emanates a Spaghetti Western and Thelma & Louis vibe where Ryan is demolishing every speed law. He even smiles while getting handcuffed – that’s the spirit:

“I’m really not the type of person that’s able to stop and celebrate,” Caraveo shared. “If a small win happens, I usually can only think about how much further there is to go. When I wrote ‘Thrivin’ I was just in a good ass mood because I was able to stop for a second and look at how far I’ve come. I’ve still got a million miles to go but I’ve been able to do some pretty impossible shit and I don’t take it for granted. This song is one of those ultra rare times when I stopped to celebrate.”

“Thrivin” is from Ryan’s upcoming album, which will be the follow up of his critically acclaimed 2018 record At Least I Tried. Since wrapping up his tour with Dennis Lloyd this year, Ryan has been working on his album and will be dropping more singles.