Sibling Duo REYNA Makes Royal Grooves

Pop for queens

Photo: Ariel Kassulke

Milwaukee-based sibling duo REYNA makes music that bursts with the sticky flavor of contemporary and 80s electropop. It’s cinematic, youthful, bubbly, and sweetened with lush tones. Their latest single “The Way I Love You” is a cleverly playful single that has the starry bubbliness of a romantic song, but is sharpened with the precision of dub-indebted hooks. The track taps into running into someone who is clearly a bad decision and trying to avoid them despite all the emotional strings that are attached to that person:

Originally from El Paso, REYNA is comprised of sisters Vic Banuelos and Gabby Banuelos who were formerly known as Vic and Gaby. They changed their moniker to REYNA, which is a play on the word ‘reina’ (queen) in Spanish. The gals have previously worked with renowned producers such as Drew Pearson (Kesha, Lights) and have garnered more than 4.5 million Spotify to date.