Akurei Reevaluates Faith In New R&B Single “Hollow”

For moments of faith crisis

Photo: Golden Vessel

Aussie artist Akurei boxes us into the moment when we start questioning our faith in his new R&B single “Hollow.” It’s an intricate song where Akurei’s wispy vocals along with the airy strings yield a moment of inner crisis when all your beliefs suddenly become foreign. Enjoy:

Speaking of the single, Akurei shared, “‘Hollow’ is the last of the collection of songs I wrote abroad last year. I’d just left Europe and arrived in Bali to meet with some friends to work on a record together. Europe had been a confusing and emotionally intense time, whereas my time in Bali with friends provided a lot of clarity and peace. Lyrically, Hollow is me revisiting and reevaluating the faith I had when I was younger.”

“Hollow” is from Akurie’s upcoming second EP September, which he’ll be sharing more details soon.