Pelicandy Gives Us A Bonnie & Clyde Moment With “You And Me Baby”

Fated to be doomed together

Photo: Puria Safary

London duo Pelicandy encapsulates us into that moment of destructive infatuation when we meet our partner-in-crime in their new single “You And Me Baby.” The track is an indietronic dance banger that takes you to the early years of 21stcentury where the synthesizers were arranged along with the four-on-the-floor rhythm. There is an ominous air that feels familiar as we consciously fall for the wrong people – yet, this impending doom is also part of their allure:

“‘You and Me Baby’ is an uninhibited nocturnal dance-floor track taking influence from the more electronic leaning indie bands of the early/mid 2000s” the duo revealed. It’s about meeting someone with such intensity that they shake up reality as you know it. The Bonnie to your Clyde. It was never going to end well.”

C Beecham (vocals, guitar, synthesiser & keys) and Nick Mills (drum kit, drum programming, backing vocals) are the maestros behind Pelicandy who are currently getting ready to drop their EP Underloveon September 10th. They’ll be hosting an EP launch show that same day, so don’t miss them:

9/18 – The Waiting Room (London, UK)