Inga Is A Smooth Communicator In “Talk To Me”

R&B pop

Photo: Ole Martin Halvorsen

Norwegian artist Inga lets us indulge in her siren-like, smooth vocals in new single “Talk To Me” – a slick combo of R&B smokiness and rhythmic sharpness of pop that captures the celestial swells of Inga’s voice. The track feels like a plead and intimate conversation at the same time where the wistful tone radiates the longing – almost lust – for the voice of someone else. Stream below:

Siv Marit Egseth is the gal behind of Inga, who is currently signed to Ekko Music Publishing in Sweden. She broke into the scene with her 2017 debut single “Galaxy,” which made waves across Norwegian radio and led to collaborations with other artists. Stay tuned for more beats from the gal this year.