Margot Polo’s “Let’s Get Out” Is A Road Trip To Our Youth

To YOLO or WALA, that is the question

Photo: Courtesy of the artist

Margot Polo, the solo project of David Provenzano, captures the existential epidemic that is invading Millennials today – to YOLO or WALA (Wine And Laze Around) – in his latest single “Let’s Get Out.” It’s a track that bursts with road trip imageries and our early 20s when we used to engage in all kinds of outdoor shenanigans. Toying impeccably between modish ambience and nostalgia-inducing pop, “Let’s Get Out” is built around a dynamic arsenal of dreamy synths, twinkling buzz, and sub-bass. “There’s a line in the song about ‘going west on Highway 1.’ This is bit of a dark joke; everyone in California knows Highway 1 goes north to south. If you go west it means you’re toppling over the cliffs,” shared David. The lyric was largely inspired by Amy Hempel’s story titled “Tonight is a Favor to Holly,” a story of two gals who lived on the ocean in Southern California and used this as justification to stay stagnant with their lives. Can you relate?

“So, I’m settled in this really nice, sunny beach town with a job, a wife, pets. It’s easy to feel stuck here sometimes, especially when I compare to what life was like when I was touring full time in my twenties. Living life in motion is hard, but it gives you this feeling of being totally free and light, unmoored from petty concerns and extra baggage. Now, in my 30s, I’m in love and making music and trying to live my dream. I also go to Costco on Saturday mornings and prune rose bushes. This is a battle that I wage half-heartedly. It’s like, do I really want to take more creative risks and get out there, or do I want to sit at home and drink wine and watch the Bachelor with my dog? I talk about my wife in this song, in the bridge. She’s always trying to motivate me to get out of the house and try new things. I have the hardest time breaking out of my ruts. Sometimes, we have to just get in the car and drive the fuck away from California. Leave it all behind and find that freedom on the road like we did when we were twenty-three,” shared David.

“Let’s Get Out” is from Margot Polo’s upcoming EP, which will be coming this fall. Stay tuned.