Romance & Rebellion’s “Talk Me Down (TMD)” Is Millennial Inheritance Worth Receiving


Photo: Courtesy of the artist

There are a lot of things that we inherit from previous generation – global warming, Kardashians, unstable job market, $15 avocado toast, etc. Some are good, while others are questionable. LA-based quartet Romance & Rebellion is leaving their own inheritance to the younger generations titled “Talk Me Down (TMD).” Don’t get this wrong – they ain’t going anywhere. But this synthpop is dedicated to younger generations (and pretty much anyone who needs guidance) who are dealing with addiction, depression, and mental health for the first time. The track feels like an advice and confession at the same time where the starry vocal harmonies backed by a swarm of glimmering beats border on emotional realizations that there is light at the end of the tunnel. Stream below:

“‘Talk Me Down (TMD)’ is an anthem for a new generation dealing with the struggles of substance abuse, suicide, and mental health…everyone can relate when they hear the line, ‘All we wanted was somebody who cared, to tell us it’s alright,’” shared the band.

Formed back in 2015 by songwriter David LaViola, Romance & Rebellion started off in the sunset strip night clubs where the iconic Guns’N’Roses and Mötley Crüe used to play in their early days. R&R quickly expanded with the addition of Aaron Medina (bass), Kyle Jordan Mueller (drums) and Aleksander James (guitar). Since then, they’ve released two EPs and have played sold-out shows across LA. They’re currently working on more music, so keep your ears out.