Swedish Post-Punk Band True Moon Drop New Darkwave Single “Poison”

And it’s infectious

Photo: Julian Emile Guedj

Usually when you think of Swedish music, you think of mainstream pop – not the dark, post-punk genre of Joy Division or early Cure. But bands such as True Moon are pushing the post-punk genre of Swedish music. Their latest offering “Poison” is a hauntingly booming single where the propulsive bass and full-blooded guitars emanate a moody tension. Filled with the cloudy dustiness of 60s atmosphere, “Poison” moves with wraithlike waves that you can feel through the echoes:

True Moon is comprised of Karolina Engdahl (vocals/bass) and Tommy Tift (guitar), who are members of the Grammy-nominated band Vånna Inget. Together with Linus Segerstedt (guitar) and Fredrik Orevad (drums), the quartet have expanded their fanbase across Europe and US. “Poison” is from the band’s upcoming second album II. Speaking of the record, Karolina shared: “We want to draw our own cult of believers together and create a little chaos of our own. We want this record to be like an infectious poison.”

The quartet is set to play at Hamburg this month:

8/10 – Molotow (Hamburg, Germany)