Mr. Bliss Gives Us Bluesy Rock’N’Roll Sparks With “Energy”

Breezy, classy, progressive

Photo: Courtesy of the artist

Mr. Bliss gives us a very anachronistic single titled “Energy.” The track is breezy rock with bluesy substance that churn out both meditative melancholia and chill bliss from their drizzling guitars and gauzy choruses. Built on a laidback cadence, “Energy” is the song that is perfect for recharging and unwinding while you declutter your thoughts on all the complicated relationships you have:

“Energy is a melancholic song that talks about love situations. It has groovy ‘wah’ guitars along with a hip hop beat on the drums and some mellow trumpets that create an ambiance of suspense for certain parts of the piece, it also features a rapper named John Alex Harper to add more power to the song and statement that the whole production is created for,” shared Mr. Bliss.

Comprised of Rafa Hadad (lead guitar/vocals), Gabe Conover (drums), Pedro Asfora (bass/backing vocals) and Bobby Carpenter (rhythm guitar/backing vocals), Mr. Bliss formed in Los Angleses with the intention of combining old blues into modern digital sounds. “Energy” is from the quartet’s upcoming debut album Green, which explores human condition in modern digital era. Stay tuned for more details.