Ro Bergman Fuels Our Wanderlust In “Horizon”

Indie rock

Still from Ro Bergman – Horizon (Official Video) YouTube

Hailing from Austria, Ro Bergman triggers our wanderlust in new video “Horizon” where he takes us into stunning landscapes of Wadi Rum Desert and Petra in Jordan. The video reminds you of Mad Max minus the apocalyptic vibe where Ro strolls though sand and dusty temples while embracing his inner nomadic herban. “Horizon” is a ruminative indie rock piece that has mild ethereal undertones, exuding a dreamy charm. Enjoy:

Speaking of the track, Ro shared: “Out of the underground into the open, I had to write ‘Horizon’ to break out and see my new horizons.”

Known for his track “Best Time (Song for Marcel),” which was inspired by Olympic skier Marcel Hrischer and went platinum in Austria, Ro Berman has been making waves across the Austrian rock scene for his sound that has earned comparisons to artist such as Tame Impala, Foals, and more. He’ll be releasing more singles in the upcoming weeks, so stay tuned.

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