Jerkcurb Takes Us Back To The Origins Of Shopping Malls In “Air Con Eden”

Air Conditioned Eden

Photo: Harry Brafman

Southeast London artist Jerkcurb, aka Jacob Read, muses over nature vs. technology in today’s capitalistic era  in his new single “Air Con Eden.” Hovering over shoegaze and dream pop, “Air Con Eden” is a chiffony piece that takes you on a suspenseful headspace where Jerkcurb’s featherlight vocals reflects upon the inevitable change that the digital evolution keeps bringing to our daily lives. It’s existential and slightly nostalgic, but there is also sense of ambivalent acceptance that Jerkcurb taps into – enjoy:

“‘Air Con Eden,’ an abbreviation of Air Conditioned Eden. The album is named after this phrase. It refers to the early Victor Gruen shopping malls built in America in the mid 20th century. The first malls were nature conservations, literal edens with exotic plants and rare birds. The gift shops, were of equal or less importance to the nature. The logical evolution of consumerism, was the carpark, which resulted in the shift into becoming the shopping malls we know today. But the concept of the climate controlled environment is still relevant, and it really interests me, the idea that technology is at war with the natural world, this constant balance. An old concept that is eternally relevant. At the time I was working in retail and I wrote this song for myself to justify my existence being there.”

The track is from Jerkub’s long-awaited debut record, also titled Air Con Eden, which will be out on September 13th via Handsome Dad Records. You can catch Jerkcurb live in October:

11 Oct | Rough Trade, Bristol

13 Oct | YES, Manchester

14 Oct | Headrow House, Leeds

15 Oct | Hug and Pint, Glasgow

17 Oct | Chats Palace, London