Monogem Explores The Different Hues Of Intimacy In “So Many Ways”


Photo: Jenna Johns

LA-based artist Monogem, aka Jen Hirsch, explores the different colors of love in “So Many Ways” where she reflects on the effects that love – whether that is romance or friendship – can have on people. It’s an intricate slacker pop where Monogem touches upon the utopian and ugly sides that love can bring out of people. Watch below:

“Love… There are so many ways to feel it, embrace it, define and design it. I wanted to capture all the feelings of falling in love, being in love, being tempted by love, and pulling it all apart, in one song. There’s so much energy and color that we pulled from everyone involved. I want anyone who listens to it to feel energized and free to fall in love with anyone and anything around them,” shared Monogem.

“So Many Ways” is the title track of Monogem’s upcoming EP, which will be out in October.