CLAVVS’ “Keeps” Belongs To Those Who Don’t Belong To Anyone

Ambient pop

Photo: CLAVVS Facebook

Hailing from Brooklyn, CLAVVS is a best friend duo that makes dark, ambient music for dancing, crying, pondering, and plotting your revenge. Their latest drop “Keeps” is a sweet hasta la vista to someone who is emotionally unavailable yet keeps bothering you. Through its expanding, celestial synth and chest-quaking choruses, “Keeps” has a moody magnetism that swallows you:

Comprised of Amber Renee and Graham Marsh, the duo met at a party by serendipity. Amber has a background in musical theater and Americana while Graham has earned four Grammys for his work with artist such as Bruno Mars and Grnarls Barkley. Under CLAVVS, the duo has been making alternative pop music that has been featured in ads for brands such as Becca Cosmetics, Forever 21, and American Apparel. The duo has a show coming up in October, so go see them:

10/1 – Baby’s All Right (Brooklyn, NY, USA)