Danika Smith’s “Suit Of Armour” Is For Those Who Suffer Optimism Deprivation


Photo: Courtesy of This Much Talent

As we grow older, we use pessimism as a defense mechanism against unmet expectations and mistrust. It’s a realistic practice, but we can get absorbed into the abyss of negativity ad nauseum that can hinder us from taking any opportunities. Aussie artist Danika Smith captures that weird state of pessimism in her new single “Suit Of Armour.” The track is her personal account dealing with negativity and finding her way back to optimism and being open. Stream below:

On the track, Danika shared:

“‘Suit Of Armour’ is a track that I wrote when love and fear collided, and left me feeling confused and avoidant. It’s a song that observes the reservations I have, when there is something potentially beautiful in front of me, and I look for the cracks and flaws, as a protective method to avoid pain. It is melancholic that the beauty of love is shadowed by so much skepticism and mistrust, but there is an optimistic message too. I have the power to move through the weight of these experiences, remove the armour, and eventually be more open to connection, in time.”

You can catch Danika live this fall:

9/14 – Geddes Lane Ballroom (Melbourne, VIC, Australia)

11/29-12/1 – Strawberry Fields (Tocumwal, NSW, Australia)