Seazoo’s “Throw It Up” Is Dedicated To The Rejecters Of Modern Life

Indie pop

Photo: Courtesy of Super Cat PR

Through sparkling chords and swifty choruses, Welsh quintet Seazoo sums up our incessant quest for happiness in their new single “Throw It Up.” From deleting your social media to becoming a farmer, “Throw It Up” addresses the extent we are willing to go in dismissing modern technology, culture, and trends for the sake of our own happiness. Whether you’re an advocate of this or not, “Throw It Up” is a silvery trip of gauziness to indulge:

Discussing the influence behind the single, frontman Ben Trow explained:

“I see a lot of people rejecting aspects of modern life, like tech, tech platforms, even careers as a way of trying to improve happiness. Some people make extreme lifestyle changes, like moving into a forest, or selling-up and moving into a van. But I also see people getting rid of their smart phones or deleting their social media. So I guess the song’s about making the decision to reject something in an attempt to improve well-being.”

“Throw It Up” is a taste of the quintet’s upcoming sophomore album, which will be out early next year. They have shows coming up:

25 Aug – Golden Lion, Wrexham

01 Sept – End Of The Road

20 Oct – Swn Festival, Cardiff