The Lighthouse Are Belgian Popmakers Who Craft Friday-Feeling Music

Listen to “Cover Story”

Photo: The Lighthouse Facebook

Belgian quintet The Lighthouse are on a mission to spread music that gives you Friday highs. Their latest single “Cover Story” makes you feel like you’re flying high somewhere on Friday night. The lush textures are accompanied by echoing explosions of choral waves that propels you into a fluid, dreamy mood. With siren-like vocals, the quintet takes you into a hypnotic state with the phrase “Keep your eyes on me” – stream below:

Comprised of Willem Schellekens (keys, vocals), Bram Knockaert (guitar, vocals) Nick Socquet (guitar), Bastiaan Jonniaux (drums) and Yannick H’Madoun (bass), The Lighthouse formed in Leuven, Belgium/ Since their inception, the quintet has played over 200 shows including the infamous Sziget Festival and has been featured across various radio stations in Belgium and The Netherlands. “Cover Story” is from their upcoming debut album Whatever Comes Our Way, which will be out on September 27th. You can catch them live in the upcoming weeks:

8/23 – Bockor Rock (Wevelgem, Belgium)

10/25 – Melkweg Indie (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

10/26 – Ancienne Belgique (Brussels, Belgium)

11/1 – MEZZ (Breda, Netherlands)