LOVER’s “Starving” Is An Ode To Creativity


Artwork: Lulu and Tim

“I grieve for My Innocence / But in a sense it left me” chants LOVER in his new single “Starving.” The track taps into LOVER’s own struggles of being an artist and the pressure that comes with it. Co-produced by his longtime collaborator Tanssi and Gold Coast trio daste, the track is a slow-burning groove that ruminates on the sacrifices that comes with pursuing art. Stream below:

“Lyrically I was thinking about music and the struggle in pursuing, not being able to afford groceries – the classic starving artist cliché. The lyric ‘I’m starving in front of friends, but they eat anyway’ is meant to be a personal aphorism; that even if I’m doing all this artist stuff, my friends and family deep down don’t really care – so don’t take it too seriously and just have fun with it. I get so stressed and anxious about stuff that in the end no one really cares about, and won’t matter,” shared LOVER.

“Starving” is from LOVER’s upcoming debut EP, which he’ll be sharing more details in the upcoming weeks.