Ro Bergman Takes Our Imagination To Homosphere In “Clouds”

Indie rock

Artwork courtesy of The Playground

Austrian artist Ro Bergman buoys our creativity and lust for life to Earth’s homosphere in his new single “Clouds.” In case you’re wondering what homosphere is, it is the atmospheric level where clouds are found. But Ro isn’t talking about cloud physics (otherwise our brains would’ve shut down already), but he’s using this aerosol metaphor as a reminder to pursue your passion and YOLO high. The smoky choruses and dripping beats echo a spaciousness that resemble its symbolic atmosphere:

Regarding the inspiration behind the song, Ro shared: “I was writing these songs in very different surroundings – the Alps, close to the Pacific or Atlantic Ocean and in big cities. For me, it’s important to be in movement to see contrasts, to see sharp, to see new horizons. Remind yourself that this life is short and to be courageous enough to follow your passion. If the sparkle is gone from your eyes it leads to nothing. The question is not where you start from, the question is what you are aiming for – dream outside the lines.”

“Clouds” is from Ro’s upcoming debut EP New Horizon, which includes his previously released single “Horizon.” More details to come soon.