Tiggi Hawke Takes Us To The City Of Heartbreaks In “NYC”

“I left my heart in New York City”

Photo: Courtesy of Infectious PR

London artist Tiggi Hawke reminisces back to an old love in her new single “NYC,” an emotional EDM piece that captures the fragmented memories of a past lover. Hopscotching between exhilarating loops and ruminative loneliness, “NYC” is woven with blazing beats that highlight the sporadic outbursts of heavy-heartedness that come post-breakup. Stream below:

“For me, this song is about looking back on a relationship that you can’t get over and acknowledging that constant feeling that you’ve lost a part of yourself or that you’ve left something of you with that person,” Tiggi explained. “It’s a bit of both past and present, reminiscing on what you had and then still looking, longing for and craving both it – and them! – on a daily basis.”

“NYC” is the follow up of her viral hit “Remedy” and is out now via Armada.