Frawley’s “Ain’t Nobody’s Baby” Is Pop For Self-Makers

“I don’t need no one to save me”

Artwork courtesy of Island Records

Frawley gives us a self-empowering pop anthem titled “Ain’t Nobody’s Baby” where she claims her own independence and pride through bold lyrics. It’s a slow-burning track for all the badass self-bosses out there that Frawley pays homage to through glass-cutting vocals. Enjoy:

“Ain’t Nobody’s Baby” is the follow up of Frawley’s most recent singles “Hard Boy” and “Losers.” Born and raised in New Jersey, Frawley broke into the scene with her viral cover of Alessia Cara’s “Here,” which accumulated more than 12.8 million streams I 2016. Recently signed to Island Records, Frawley is currently working on her own music.