Glass Peaks’ New Experimental Rock Single “Asbestos” Is An Emotional Reality Check

Reality is never easy

Photo: Courtesy of Meet My Friend PR

London trio Glass Peaks breaks down the fragile nature of doomed relationships in new single “Asbestos” where the trio offer a reality check through smashing drumbeats and crescendo synths that take you at the edge of heartbreak. “Asbestos” is rock’n’roll that channels the blazing grooviness of contemporary indietronica, offering a reinvigorating buzz. Stream below:

“‘Asbestos’ is about second guessing yourself in love. It’s about realizing that things aren’t always as perfect as you might be pretending they are for the sake of being ‘happy’. It’s essentially a song about strained and frayed relationships from the perspective of somebody who has tried everything they possibly can to turn it around or see the upsides in the moments where the dying embers are flickering. It’s about the harsh realities or ‘fragile truths’ of being so deeply invested in someone but losing the fire or spark that brought you together,” shared vocalist/bassist Alfie Jefferies.

The track is the third release from the band this year and their debut release on These Blood Thieves Records. Along with the single, the band has also announced their headline show in London, so don’t miss them:

Europe 2020

1/31 – St Pancras Old Church (London, UK)