Skyler Stonestreet Tells Your Perfect Pseudo-Love Story In “Everything It Wasn’t”


Photo: Skyler Stonestreet Facebook

LA-based artist Skyler Stonestreet takes a hot mess relationship and rewinds back by replacing every bad decision with good ones in her new single “Everything It Wasn’t.” Through whimsical lyrics, Skyler captures the regrets and wistfulness while also depicting the humor of such quixotic imagination that feel familiar to us. In contrast to its self-biting lyrics, “Everything It Wasn’t” rolls with a deceitfully sweet melody that feels like a romcom song instrumentally. The video, directed by Jason Koffeman and produced by Toon53 Productions, is a glorious, distorted rated R version of every love story we were told as children. Also has lots of rainbows:

Skyler is probably working on new music that makes you feel guiltily familiar.