Samuel Jack Is Bolder & Deeper In “Fighting Fires”

Soulful pop


Photo: Courtesy of LPR Agency

With a title like that, Samuel Jack’s “Fighting Fires” is nowhere near being simple. Through deep-cutting vocals and booming melody, Samuel channels the boldness required to overcome shitstorms that life throws at you mercilessly. Samuel’s voice serves as the engine of the song whereas the glassy melodic textures are there to echo his words. Inspired by his own struggles with frustrations and stagnancy, “Fighting Fires” is an empathetic track that offers the energetic boost needed to keep on grinding:

“I was growing more and more frustrated with the situation I found myself in, I felt like I had a million people to please and I was going under – but rather than let it kill me, the crux of the song is really that, I wouldn’t let it. Sometimes you just gotta dig deep to overcome,” shared Samuel.

Originally from London, Samuel was raised on blues, Motown, soul, and roots music. His works has been featured in TV shows including Shameless and Nashville. Samuel is currently working on his debut record, which will be out in 2020.

Europe 2019

10/4 – Theater Onder de Molen (Vorden, Netherlands)

10/7 – Muziekgebouw Eindhoven (Eindhoven, Netherlands)