Goldroom Taps Into Existential Loneliness In “Nothing Matters” Ft. Chela

When you’re existentially lonely in a crowded party

Still from Goldroom – Nothing Matters (feat. Chela) YouTube

Goldroom takes us into loneliest and most crowded birthday party in new video “Nothing Matters” ft. Chela. The video shows Chela clearly going through some form of existential crisis while also dealing with a bunch of birthday guests whose celebratory mood is paradoxical to her facial expression. Watch below:

“‘Nothing Matters’ is about alienation and feeling alone in a world where only one thing matters – a love, a lost love, even a passion like music.  To me the video shows just how alone you can feel when you’re without that one thing.  When Chela came to me with the idea for a birthday party where she stars, I was in love with the idea. She wrote and directed the video and I love how much it evokes the feelings we had while writing the song,” shared Goldroom.

The track is from Goldroom’s upcoming album Plunge /\ Surface, which will be out on October 18th. Goldroom is about to start his north America tour, so don’t miss him:

08/24 – New York, NY @ High Seas Festival East (11:30a-5p – Hornblower Infinity)

08/31 – Chicago, IL @ The Anita Dee II

09/06 – Jakarta, ID @ SHVR Ground Festival

09/07 – Bali, ID @ OMNIA Dayclub Bali

10/30 – Portland, OR @ Holocene

10/31 – Seattle, WA @ The Crocodile

11/01 – Vancouver, BC @ Fortune Sound Club

11/07 – Santa Barbara, CA @ Soho Music Club

11/08 – San Francisco, CA @ Mezzanine

11/09 – Los Angeles, CA @ El Rey

11/13 – Washington DC @ Union Stage

11/14 – Boston, MA @ Sonia’s