Midnight Pool Party Share Remixes Of ‘Motions’ EP

Remixes by Dugong Jr, Anoraak, LEFTI, Charlie Crown & Bohkeh

Photo: Morilla

Aussie duo Midnight Pool Party is back with the remix version of their sophomore EP Motions. Filled with sticky grooves of disco, house, and funk, the original EP is a dancefloor record that explores the joy of dancing, heartbreak, romance, and creativity. The remix versions offer refreshing twists to these bangers, letting Motions shine in a different light:

On the EP, Midnight Pool Party shared: “We were deconstructing the Motions tracks while working on our live set recently and we started hearing them in a different light. We began thinking of ways that we could re-invent them, and we thought it would be interesting, and really cool, to have other producers put their spin on our tracks -we certainly weren’t disappointed. We’re so excited about these remixes, they are all unique and showcase each of the remixers talents and its very interesting to hear something we constructed from the ground up in a different landscape.”

Motions is out now everywhere.