Oracle Sisters Takes Us Into The World Of Parisian Drag Culture In “Spotlight”

Nocturnal pop

Photo: Courtesy of Kartel PR@oraclesistas@oraclesistas

Oracle Sisters takes us into the world of Parisian drag queens in their new video “Spotlight” where they capture the expression of fierce femininity in retro cinema. Drenched with smoky synths and silvery bassline, “Spotlight” is a smoky waltz where the smooth high-pitched vocals  navigate through lust. Watch below:

“The video takes this theme of the night world and transposes it from Edinburgh, where the idea was born, to Paris…where the exhibition of femininity in all its extreme manifestations evolves throughout the clip,” shared the band.

“Spotlight” is from the band’s upcoming EP, which they self-produced in collaboration with Noah Georgeson (The Strokes). Comprised of longtime friends Lewis Lazar and Christopher Willatt, the duo started songsmithing together when they were reunited in Paris in 2017. Soon, they met Julia Johanssen, who became the drummer and songwriter for the band. The three will be announcing shows in UK, France, and Spain later this year, so stay tuned.

11/30 – Le Chabada (Angers, France)