Sobhhï Reflects On Distance In New Bedroom Soul Single “imagine that”

Laidback introspection

Still from sobhhï – imagine that [OFFICIAL Audio] YouTube

Dubai-based artist sobhhï takes us on a mind-stretching journey in his new bedroom soul single “imagine that” where he muses over the effect of distance on relationships. Through soothing moody croons and slow-burning soundscape, sobhhï exudes a sense of wistfulness and wonder that comes with what-if moments. Enjoy:

On “imagine that,” sobhhï  shared: “Traveling frequently makes it difficult to have the same kind of relationships with people that you would if you were neighbors. This is bedroom soul about my favorite topic, distance. And it reads like a letter; it’s part of a larger dialogue”

Sobhhï is kinda mysterious but we do know that he’s a math prodigy. He first composed his music at the age of seven, graduated high school at 16, and enrolled in the graduate program at University of Chicago by age 21, where he studied applied mathematics. The math/music maestro first borke into the scene in November 2017 with his 5-track EPs RED Iand RED IIwhich topped iTunes R&B charts. So if you’re looking for neo-soul bangers or have a math problem, you can hit him up.