Holdan’s “Lost” Is Dreamy Trance For All Of Us Who Need Our Existential GPS Fixed

Dream pop

Photo: Courtesy of Red Umbrella Records

LA-based, 19-year-old Holdan showers us with celestial trance in new single “Lost” where he gives us soothing comfort to everyone whose existential GPS is broken. Through a wave of crystal-like synths and fibrillating frequencies, “Lost” immerses us into a mental space of acceptance and me-love that we often deprive ourselves from without knowing. And even if you love yourself as much as Kanye does, “Lost” is still a mental-massage that you should treat yourself from the daily hectic distractions of life:

On his new single, Holdan shared: “I get distracted and discouraged by a lot of things, and this song is about not beating yourself up because of it, because it’s a piece of the journey. I guess you’ve got to go through that shit to find the stuff that feels good, maybe you just have to be lost to find someone.”

Originally from Florida, Holdan moved to LA at the age of 15 to pursue music. He initially played the drums in various rising punk bands across LA, but eventually decided to go independently. Through serendipity, Holdan caught the attention of multi-platinum-selling and Grammy winning producer Josh ‘Igloo’ Monroy (Ludacris, JoJo, Elton John, Justin Bieber) who helped him produce his upcoming debut EP I Lost My Friends In The Spring, which includes today’s banger.

“I created ‘Lost’ in a session where we were pretty much wrapping up my first EP and I was going through synths when I fell on this one, and I immediately knew what I wanted to do. Josh [Monroy, producer] saw my face light up and was like “go go go create, forget what we were doing”, and I banged out the first demo track in like 40 minutes. I took it home that night and played it for my best friend Moses who’s on the bridge of the song where you hear the conversation,” shared Holdan.

Stay tuned for more news on I Lost My Friend In The Spring.