Reuben Gray Sums Up Our Fast-Paced Teen Dreams In “Temptation”


Photo: Courtesy of the artist

London-based artist Reuben Gray pins down every teenage boy’s dream in new single “Temptation.” It’s a feel-good, youthful anthem that takes off with a deceitfully serene pace before Reuben rockets us into the breakneck climactic momentums. “Temptation” has the sticky bounciness of commercial pop while also offering subtle twists here and there that adds a dreamy fluidity. Enjoy:

On his new single, Reuben shared: “‘Temptation’ is fundamentally a love song, a teenage boy’s dream, fast cars and even faster women, neither of which I have ever managed to experience myself…it’s just a banging pop tune to play at full speed on the hairpin bends of Monte Carlo, or alternatively if you’re like me, on the winding roads of Surrey in an ageing Citroen C1.”

Being an independent 18-year-old artist, Reuben has already garnered more than 30 million views across YouTube, a wide social media fanbase, and played more than hundred gigs before releasing any music. And he has achieved this with no major label backing him up. With more music on the way, Reuben is getting ready to make more noise this year.