Shenie Fogo Brings 90s Romanticism Into R&B In New Single “I’m Gone”

Meet the Swedish-Jamaican artist

Photo: Shenie Fogo Facebook

Hailing from Stockholm, Shenie Fogo has been making buzz across the urban chart with her work. The gal is back today with a new R&B single “I’m Gone” where she brings back the sparkling romanticism of 90s into the slow-burning soundscape. Enjoy:

“I wanted to continue and build on my take of that classic R&B sound. ‘I’m Gone’ still flirts with those nice 90’s lyrics and melodies but the beat is hard!” shared Shenie. “As I dance myself, I want people to be able to really dance and workout to this. I want it to move you at any time of the day no matter what mood you’re in!”

“I’m Gone” is from Shenie’s upcoming debut EP, which is still in the works.