Brainstory’s “Breathe” Is Your New Om Mantra

And it’s essential for survival

Photo: Jacquie Raymundo

If you’ve been suffering from some Zen deprivation, then Brainstory’s “Breathe” is a mantric song that will help you kinda achieve enlightenment. The LA-based trio offer us an alternative om mantra in “Breathe” where they swirls us into a hypnotic blackhole of fuzzy strings and eddy synths that stretch our mind beyond the space-and-time continuum. It’s perfect when you’re meditating, need to chill down, or want to check-out from the meeting. Play below:

Brainstory are sibling trio Kevin, Tony and Eric, who started their musical endeavor thanks to the boredom of small town and inherent knack for creativity. With two Eps under their belt, the trio is getting ready to roll out their debut record Buck, which will be released on November 15th via Big Crown. In the meantime, inhale and exhale while you enjoy “Breathe.” Nonstop.