DENM Gives Us A Trippy Exploration Of SoCal Beach Life In “Blow It Up”

Beach life ain’t cute all the time

Still from DENM – Blow It Up (Official Video) YouTube

When you think about beach life, you think about paradisiacal scenarios filled with breezes, blue waves, and smoking hot neighbors on Xanax. DENM demolishes that utopian notion and takes us to the gritty, seedier side of beach life in Southern California in new video “Blow It Up.” It’s humorous, eyebrow-raising, and captures the heaven/hell sides of living by the beach with your party animal neighbors. The track is psychedelic pop on acid that surfs through DENM’s daily life that can either turn into a party or shitshow:

On his new single, DENM shared: “I wrote ‘Blow It Up’ initially about my neighbors when I was living in the seedy beach town of Isla Vista. They were loud and wild. Always partying and fighting. I got punched in the face by one of them actually trying to break up a fight in the street midday on a Saturday haha. Classic vibes. They were good dudes though. Somehow there was always broken glass and syringes outside my house. Livin’ in a slum beach paradise what more can you expect? So I was trying to write the song in the first person from their point of view. But as I continued writing the song, it began to sound a lot more like the way I grew up in San Diego as well. Cuz that’s who we were– rowdy and violent kids just trynna get wild and have fun. Surfing and skating and always finding trouble. Or trouble always finding us haha. So it’s kind of a song written about life in Southern California. The seedier side. It’s not all Beverly Hills and Malibu. It’s tough and you gotta learn to be tough to make it. But it’s also a party and good time. There’s no place like it.”

The track is from DENM’s upcoming EP Endless Summer, which he worked with the production/songwriter team Rock Mafia (Eminem, Marshmello, Demi Lovato, Diplo, basically everyone famous). DENM broke into the scene back in 2015 as a bedroom producer and quickly rose to the charts with his viral single “Lit,” which has accumulated more than a million streams. Endless Summer will be out on September 6th, so stay tuned.