Michi’s “Still Feel U” Is Nocturnal R&B For Self-Lust

Laidback, self-romanticism

Photo: Ozzy Vidrio

LA-based artist Michi takes us down to the path of self-love and shedding any baggage in her new single “Still Feel U.” Despite the title’s connotation, the track is actually a self-embracing track that is translated through softly burning croons and sensually uncoiling rhythm. Stream below:

On the single, Michi shared: “It’s a summer night embodiment of escaping a funk and rediscovering a lust for self-appreciation.”

Michelle Guerrero is the gal behind Michi, who is originally from North Hollywood but now lives in Highland Park. “Still Feel U” was co-produced and mixed by her long-time friend Jaco Munk, who has engineered records for renowned artists such as Lorde, Miike Snow and more. Currently working on her new music, Michi is quickly making waves across indie pop and R&B playlists.