Super Whatevr’s “better” Is For All Of Us Who Need Some Self-Help Boost

When psychoanalysis, acupuncture, and primal scream therapy won’t cut it

Photo: Ashley Osbourne

As adults, it’s far more difficult to feel better than we did as children. In a way, we get more immature dealing with our own emotions and do a terrific job at suppressing them. Super Whatevr explores all kinds of healing alternatives in their new video “better” where we see the band and a bunch of other people rely on psychoanalysis, acupuncture and even screaming therapy to improve their mental state. There is a sense of indifference and detachment that you can see in their faces, showcasing the absurdity of seeking immediate improvement through external means. It’s a process that takes a long time and self-focus ya’ll:

“better” is the follow up of Super Whatever’s debut record Never Nothing, which led to all kinds of things including a growing fanbase, press coverage and vocalist/guitarist Skyler McKee’s creative existentialism. After a period of self-reflection and rediscovery, “better” was born as both a taste of the band’s new style and melodic therapy for us. Super Whatvr will be hitting LA and NY this fall, so go see them:

11/7 – The Paramount (Los Angeles, CA, USA)

11/14 – Zone One at Elsewhere (Brooklyn, NY, USA)