Comminor’s “L.A. I LUV IT!” Is A Feast Anthem Of Bad Decisions, Youth, & Novelty

Punk grunge with slapping rap

Photo: Courtesy of Comedia Sweden

Swedish quintet Comminor gives a shoutout to the chaotic life of restless youth in new single “L.A. I LUV IT!” It’s kinda an homage to Millennials and Gen Z where the quintet capture the shiny distractions, opportunities, people, and bad choices that make up the best stories. With its punk DNA, the track moves swiftly with its rapping choruses and grungy strings that fire your reward center. Enjoy:

“‘L.A. I LUV IT!’ is the song I’ve always wanted to write,” shared band’s guitarist/producer Victor Holm, who wrote the lyrics alongside singer Johanna Berndtsson. ”It’s a song about sunsets, young love, discovering new places, loud music… and poor judgement. It’s about the highs and lows of being on tour, being in a band and all the crazy wonderful people you get to meet while doing what you love.”

The track is from their new album Answering Machine For Broken Dreams, which will be out in September 24. The band has shows coming up:

8/31 – Live At Heart on Tour Västerås (Västerås, Sweden)

10/5 – Broken Dreams Auditorium (Borlange, Sweden)