Keiynan Lonsdale Breaks Out Of The Safe Zone In “Rainbow Dragon”


Still from Keiynan Lonsdale – Rainbow Dragon (Official Music Video) YouTube

LA-based artist Keiynan Lonsdale bids adieu to the safe zone with his new single “Rainbow Dragon” where me jumps into the future while dismissing his past. Directed by Chris Coats, the video depicts him in stylish, du jour outfits where he expresses himself through eye-catching choreography. It’s fiercesome and filled with the multi-layered swagger that Keiyan has as an artist and fashionista. Watch below:

Lonsdale has topped HypeMachine charts and stacked millions of Spotify streams with his grooves since debuting. Originally from Sydney, he now resides in Los Angeles where he continues expanding his artform in music, acting, and fashion.