Spooky Mansion’s “Real Jerk” Is Surf Rock About All Those Moments You Weren’t Nice

Airy rock’n’roll injected with some guilt

Photo: Courtesy of Eavesdrop Media

LA-based quintet Spooky Mansion reflects on all those moments that they weren’t such nice human beings in “Real Jerk.” But before you start trolling at them, if you listen to “Real Jerk,” it kinda tells the story of your life. We’ve all committed first degree assholisms throughout our lives and Spooky Mansion’s “Real Jerk admits those mistakes. But guiltiness aside, the track is an aqueous piece that runs through your consciousness and drapes you with the warm seaside vibe. Enjoy:

Speaking of the single, frontman Grayson Converse shared: “I remember the 100-degree day in Cambodia when I sat at my kitchen table, struggling to keep my cheap nylon guitar in tune and picking out the melody for ‘Real Jerk.’ Out my fourth story window the jungle canopy extended as far as I could see. It was a great time to reflect and think about mistakes I’d made on the other side of the world, to come to terms with them, and to move on.”

“Real Jerk” is the first taste of the band’s upcoming EP That’s Me!, which will be out on October 29th. The quintet first broke into the scene with their self-titled debut EP back in 2016 and since then they’ve garnered more than 5 million Spotify streams. They’ll be hosting two EP shows in October in Southern California, so don’t miss them:

10/17: Great American Music Hall (EP Release Show) – San Francisco, CA

10/30: Moroccan Lounge (EP Release Show) – Los Angeles, CA