Astronomyy’s “Flamingo” Is A Wild Lo-Fi Waltz

“She’s like a flamingo…she belongs in the wild.”

Photo: Aaron Crossman

UK artist Astronomyy takes us on a lo-fi dance filled with swifty percussions and flighty beats over a featherlight soundscape in his new single “Flamingo.” Peppered with twinking synths, “Flamingo” is covered with the ambient croons of Astronomyy that echoes, dissolves, and stretches. It’s playful and grips our starry-eyed imagination with its fleecy charm:

On the single, Astronomyy shared: “I had this idea somebody can be like a flamingo. A flamingo is very pretty, but if you try to cage it, you realize it’s a wild animal and shouldn’t be contained. It’s also tongue-in-cheek and pokes fun at people in Britain, because ‘Bird’ is a slang word for ‘Girlfriend.’ It’s the first song I wanted to share with the world in a couple of years, because it’s got so many elements that represent me. It’s moody, it’s broody, it’s weird, it’s funky, it’s textured, and, it’s also quite pretty.”

“Flamingo” marks the first song that Astronomyy has released since his 2017 “Rest In Paradise.” Astronomyy first broke into the scene with his viral SoundCloud single “Don’t Need U” back in 2013, which led to a major label deal and a pair of Eps. He has co-written the triple-platinum international hit “Never Forget You” for Zara Larsson MNEK as well as remixed Billie Eilish “Ocean Eyes” (100 million+ streams). Be on the lookout for more Astronomyy’s beats soon.