For All Us Wo Crave Human Contact, Here’s Naah & C. Gold’s “Electric Life”

Take a break from apps

Artwork cover: Josefin Wiksten

One of the most ironic side effects of technology is that it has enabled us to become more isolated than ever even though its intention was to keep us ‘connected’ with each other. Especially with the advent of dating apps and social media. Swedish artists Naah and C. Gold tap into that third wall that we hide with profile photos in new single “Electric Life.” It’s lush synthpop smeared with biting humor and cascading rhythms that sail through atmospheric clouds. Beneath the buoyancy, there is a concealed sense of uneasiness that comes with the growing disconnection we’re facing:

“It’s easy to feel lonely when it seems like your friends is spending more time on their phones than with you,” commented C. Gold.

‘’We got inspired by the fact that we’re constantly scrolling through an infinite feed. ‘I’m missing human eye-contact, can you google that?’ is my favourite line in the song because it kind of sums it all up. Even though the lyrics are kind of sad, the music is happy. I like that contrast when it becomes a bit ironic,” shared Naah.

Naah and C. Gold are currently working on their collaborative EP Hi Earth, so stay tuned.