FYOHNA Gives Us Full Carnal Transparency In “Lie Down”

And it’s holographic

Photo: Erik Bergamini

LA-based electropop trio FYOHNA gives us a full metaphorical transparency in love – especially in regards to yourself – in new carnal video “Lie Down.” Directed Erik Bergamini, the video showcases people wearing minimalistic clothing and wrapped in holographic plastic where we see them engage in stunning choreography. It’s carnal but the layer of plastic places a certain form of distance between people, noting how our relationships with other people is superficial if we aren’t fully aligned with ourselves. Enjoy:

“When I started writing it I thought it was about jealousy and competition, but as songs often do, it evolved, and the meaning couldn’t have been more opposite,” explained vocalist/songwriter Katarina Gleicher. “My interpretation is self-acceptance, self-love and loving freely. When I think about the question this song is asking and the answer I get from it, it’s ‘who loved you better?’ I loved me better. No one can hold me like me and no one can love me like me.”

FYOHNA are Katarina, producer/composer Elliot Glasser, and drummer Hayley Brownell who are known for their art pop sound. Currently working on new music, expect to hear more from the trio soon.