Miranda Joan Celebrates Female Bond In “Happy To Have You”

Nu-soul pop

Photo: Courtesy of Mora May Agency

NY-based, Canadian artist Miranda Joan celebrates female friendships in her new single “Happy To Have You.” Over a dreamy, upbeat arrangement of synth pads and lush ambience, Miranda outlines the impact of women in her life through chest-quaking, syrupy vocals. It’s high-tempo pop that has been shrouded by the atmospheric layer of nu-soul, adding a layer of smoky aura to it. Stream below:

“Living far from home and far from the people I love, this song is about gratitude and about telling the people you love that you love them,” shared Miranda.

Born in Montreal and raised in Vancouver, Joan grew up with both English and French Canadian cultures. The gal released her debut EP Still back in November 2017 and since then has gone on international tours and played in front of sold-out audiences across New York. She is also the co-founder and co-host of Femme Jam, which is New York’s first all-female led jam session that offers a safe space for women to play music, network with other artist, and gain exposure.