Replicate Your Party Genes With Bad Milk’s “Afterhours” Ft. BB Diamond


Artwork courtesy of Twin Music Inc.

Twinkling with fluorescent funk vibes and flecked with gloopy disco, UK artist Bad Milk drizzles us with the dance-fueling swaggering sound of house in his latest single “Afterhours” ft. BB Diamond. Stranded with the deep-cutting vocals of BB Diamond and Bad Milk’s technical craftiness, “Afterhours” offers a helical dimension swirled with seismic magnetism and synthetic bursts that send a chain of hip-shaking reaction throughout your body. Enjoy:

Owen Roberts is the maestro behind Bad Milk, whom you probably been exposed to his work at some point during your existence on earth. Why? Coz he co-wrote “Jamais Vu” (50+ million streams) for BTS global #1 album Map of the Soul: Persona. On top of that, he has done official remixes for Dirty Vegas, Liv Lovelle, and Robinson. Yup, he’s got the DNA for bangers.