5K HD’s “Crazy Talk” Is A Biting Anthem Against Instant, Capitalistic Culture

Experimental pop

Photo: Courtesy of Someone Great PR

Austrian quintet 5K HD gives us a sharp criticism of the instant gratification addiction we’ve developed thanks to our capitalistic culture in new single “Crazy Talk.” With its stretchy synths and dub-indebted rhythm, “Crazy Talk” channels the insane – yet realistic – ways we consume impatiently. Taken from their upcoming record High Performer, the track captures our never-ending obsession for having and doing more:

“As is the case with our new album, ‘Crazy Talk’ is a criticism of the fast-paced, capitalist world we live in. That’s where the High Performercomes into play again. As if the performer is subject to a force of nature, captured in a daily grind, he continuously pushes himself to unachievable goals and is never satisfied by the results,” shared 5K HD.

High Performer will be out on September 6thand the band will start their European tour towards the end of this month:

Sept 6 / Riviera Festival (Offenbach am Main, GER)

Sept 27 / A38 Hajo (Budapest HU)

Oct 2 / Dieselstrasse Kulturzentrum (Esslingen GER)

Oct 3 / De Gudde Wellen (Luxembourg LUX)

Oct 4 / Prabbeli Wiltz (Wiltz LUX)

Oct 5 / Botanique (Brussels BE)

Oct 6 / The Hope & Ruin (Brighton UK)

Oct 7 / Thousand Island (London UK)

Oct 9 / Ampere (Munich GER)

Oct 10 / YUCA (Cologne GER)

Oct 11 / Kantine am Berghain (Berlin GER)

Oct 12 / Jazzclub Tonne (Dresden GER)

Oct 18 / Jazz Festival (Salzburg AT)

Oct 24 / Treibhaus Innsbruck (Innsbruck AT)

Oct 25 / Spielboden Dornbirn (Dornbirn AT)

Oct 26 / Kaltern Pop Festival (Kaltern AT)

Oct 29 / Arena Wien (Vienna AT)

Oct 30 / Cinema Paradiso (St. Pölten AT)

Oct 31 / Oropheum Graz (Graz AT)

Nov 1 / Zeitkultur am Hafen (Linz AT)