Nancy’s “When I’m With You (I Feel Love)” Is For Your Dream Friends

Psychedelic explosion

Photo: Miguel Gesso

Through gushing synthesizers and skin-tingling buzz, Nancy puts us in a dreamy state of mind where we’re chilling with our nocturnal friends in new single “When I’m With You (I Feel Love).” Think of this as chaotic meditation where your rationality goes numb and your imagination heightens at the sound of glorious crashes and multi-layered vocals. Forget those soundbaths and spa music, this is your ticket to nirvana:

“‘When I’m With You (I Feel Love)’ is another swirling head rush, a shot of adrenaline, an oscillating distorted cacophony of noise and melody. Pop meets strange through a blender and put back together in my own way. This is my love letter to the people I meet in my dreams at night,” shared Nancy.

Hailing from North East England, Nancy grew up with a penchant for pop music as a way to escape homeworkand daydream during math class. He broke into the scene with his critically acclaimed EP Mysterious Visions back in 2018 and has garnered support from BBC radio as well as online press. “When I’m With You (I Feel Love)” is out now via B3SCI Records (Jungle, Thyla, Trudy and the Romance) and available on all digital platforms.