School Of X’s “Destiny” Is For The Doomed Bad Decision Makers Out There

Doomed to make bad choices

Photo: Fryd Frydendahl

You’ve been told as a child to always choose option c) if you had no clue about the answer. But instead you chose option a) and keep repeating the same mistake in your adult life. Danish artist School of X (aka Rasmus Littauer) takes our D- decision making skills to a more emotional and existential level with his latest single “Destiny” – a minimalistic soundscape of delicate instrumentation and lustrous croons that channel the complicated relationship between our own willpower and fate. If you’ve been thinking whether you create your own doom or you’re just doomed, then “Destiny” is for you:

“Destiny” is also the title t rack of Rasmus’ upcoming EP, which will be out on November 15th. “It’s the title track of my EP because I think it’s a song with a very particular composition and instrumentation. It’s about how your choices in life have consequences and that you are forced to make decisions if you want to live. It is about the irony of fate, how you choose with your heart and how your choice lets you down. The lyrics describes how you childishly stay in a relationship because it’s hard to take the right, but in the end inevitable choice of ending it.”

Rasmus moniker was largely influenced by Copenhagen’s Eks-skole (x school) that was founded back in 1960s as an anti-establishment arts collective. “My friend Adrian Adler is the grandchild of Bjørn Nørgaard who was a part of Eks-skolen. There were no teachers and no students. It was a collective of artists. Eks-skolen is a really good name that I have adopted as School of X, as it encapsulates many of the feelings I have about creating music. I like new perspectives while I also think your own experiences and memories are important in order to make sense of all these new things.”

Stay tuned for more drops from School of X.