Chelcee Grimes Shares New Heart-To-Heart Anthem “Time To Talk”


Photo: Courtesy of Lucid Online

“I think we should say everything that’s right and that is wrong / Coz baby I believe when everything is said and done” chants Chelcee Grimes on her new single “Time To Talk.” It’s an upbeat, starry-eyed anthem that delves into the honesty that is required when it comes to romance. Through blossoming melodies and glassy synths, Chelcee depicts the amount of emotional distance that the human voice can create in a relationship. The video shows Chelcee with her lover who depict intimacy at its best and worst:

Chelcee broke into the scene with her debut single “Just Like That,” which earned praises from top-tier tastemaker across the globe. Aside from her artistry, Chelsee is a professional footballer (soccer player) who started her athletic career at Liverpool ladies at the age of 10. So when she’s not kicking ass in the music industry, she’s most likely kicking balls on the field.