Donate Your Sins To CLC’s “Devil”

Evil glam-pop

Still from CLC(씨엘씨) – ‘Devil’ Official Music Video YouTube

It’s Friday, which means our sins would be multiplying by five and we’ll be raining wine in our system. And like any responsible music press, we’re supplying you with a track that goes well with all your weekend extracurriculars. Korean female act CLC has just released their music video “Devil” where we see the gal having some kind of glammed up last supper paired with chic choreography. It’s mischievous pop where the gals chant about not being as innocent as they look and awakening their evil glamour. Enjoy:

CLC, which stands for Crystal Clear, is a seven-piece act that was formed by Cube Entertainment back in 2015. The group released their debut EP First Love back in March 2015 and have gone on to releasing seven more Korean EPs and two Japanese EPs. They’re set to play at K Crush in Bangkok this month alongside BoA and Ailee:

9/21 – K Crush 2019 (Bangkok, Thailand)